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        Talent Idea

        Brand articles:

        Life should have good moral character, do things to have good quality, do business to create the first flow of the brand. Guizhou emperor people focus, concentrate, professional, honesty, quality and development, to create the first brand China environmental protection industry.

        Growth articles:

        Employees grow with the company, the enterprise with the growth of the motherland with the world growth, Guizhou province will grow into the world's environmental protection industry giants.

        Spiritual discourse:

        Guizhou emperor 100% of the spirit, is the soul of the development of the company. Pioneering struggle, self-improvement, the interests of the individual is located in the company's interests, the interests of the company will be located in the interests of customers, social responsibility is always the first spirit.

        Value articles:

        Our value is to create wealth for the society at the same time, to create wealth for the company, to create wealth for all employees.

        Team articles:

        We are the elite team. Play each person's greatest potential, tolerance of other people's shortcomings, cooperation is greater than confrontation, the success is not because of the individual, because there is a group of great people.

        Work piece:

        Work hard, seriously to work, I can do not dodge to others, others do not work in rushing to do today's work, never put off till tomorrow, tomorrow's work to do today. Did not do a good job, it means that the loss of work.

        Ideal article:

        We not only pay attention to reality, but also full of ideals, so that diesel particulate trap interaction without borders. Let the Chinese people to understand the Guizhou Guizhou, let the world go to the world.

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